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WDRB Louisville Grabs Boldface Newspaper Talent

Interesting stuff going on down in Louisville, where Fox affiliate WDRB has grabbed two well respected, and well known, sports columnists from the Louisville Courier Journal earlier this month.

Eric Crawford and Nick Bozich are the scribes, who will work primarily for the WDRB site, and will do some on air commentary as well.

As is the case with sportswriters from that region, Crawford and Bozich specialize in basketball and horse racing.

Gannett owns the Courier Journal.

Kentucky called the moves “absolutely stunning”:

In a move that has to be considered yet another sign of the rapid decline of Kentucky’s two major newspapers, Rick Bozich and Eric Crawford are leaving the Courier Journal for WDRB. They will work full time on the tv station’s website and network according to WDRB and will no longer work for the newspaper. Between the two of them, there are over 50 years of newspaper experience and both are longtime mainstays of the Louisville community. The two of them exiting the newspaper business for a local tv station is absolutely stunning, and showcases the tremendous changes ahead for the Courier Journal’s future.