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WCVB Boston's Senate Connection

Scott Brown, Massachusetts’ successor to Ted Kennedy in the Senate, likes to joke that he’s the third most famous person in his family–at least until he became national news this week.

As you may have read, Brown’s daughter Ayla (both Ayla and sister Arianna are “available,” the incoming senator curiously said during his victory speech) made the Sweet 16 on American Idol some years ago. Here’s a clip.

His wife, Gail Huff, meanwhile, has been a general assignment reporter at Hearst’s WCVB Boston for almost 17 years.

Huff’s bio on WCVB’s was updated this week to reflect her husband’s new job. 

She makes it clear in a press release that there’s no conflict of interest regarding her husband; she did not campaign with him, did not cover the election, and will not be covering politics for WCVB.

“I’ve been an impartial and unbiased journalist for 26 years,” says Huff. “I will continue to keep my professional life completely separate from my personal life as Scott Brown’s wife.”