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WCMH Launches Interactive Newscast

Media General’s WCMH Columbus launches an interactive 5:30 p news Monday, tapping the likes of Facebook and Twitter to give viewers a voice in the program.

Anchors Cabot Rea and Ellie Merritt will deliver the @5:30 on 4 news from their computers in the newsroom.

WCMH is an NBC affiliate. It started broadcasting from a downtown studio in the heart of Columbus, a laToday Show, last spring.

VP/GM Rick Rogala, formerly of KARK Little Rock, said @5:30 on 4’s unique format (and name, for that matter) would stand out. ”Frankly, evening newscasts on local TV stations in Columbus and across America look the same,” he said. “We will give our customers something fresh and new with @5:30 on 4. It provides a forum for our customers to talk to us and for us to hear what they think.  Because we’re listening to our users, this newscast will continuously evolve.”