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Wanted: Psychic Kids

The networks are flocking to shows featuring self-proclaimed psychics and people with supposed supernatural abilities.

Lifetime recently launched America’s Psychic Challenge, featuring “psychic” Lisa Williams. NBC is set to launch an American Idol for magicians this week with Phenomenon, featuring “mentalist” Uri Geller and hot A&E illusionist Criss (Mindfreak) Angel.

Now it appears a program in development is stooping to a new low in order to hop on the psychic train, a Nostradamus Express if you will.

According to an ad posted on Craigslist, an “Emmy-nominated producer” is seeking “psychic children” for a new show.

Parents of prospective children with supposed “psychic” or “medium” abilities are encouraged to apply, with the potential of being whisked away to a “three day program” where the kids would “learn about their gift and adjust…” all while being carefully recorded for posterity, of course.

With all the hubbub surrounding CBS’ Kid Nation, and the proliferation of paranormal programming, a “kid psychics say the darndest things” sounds less Crossing Over than crossing overkill. You don’t have to be psychic to see that.

Addendum: By the way, Phenomenon is based on an Israeli show Uri Geller produced called The Successor. That show was plagued by controversy, as Geller claimed to be doing some "real" magic, but was busted in the act using classic conjuring techniques, hell James Randi even busted him on The Tonight Show 20 years ago

Some magic gossip: Angel works with mentalist Banachek, who we have interviewed in BC Beat before. Banachek in turn is good friends with James Randi, the magician who took Uri Geller to task for claiming that his magic tricks were the real deal. It will be interesting to see if anything becomes of that on the show, or if this tiff stays out of the spotlight.