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Vice Presidential Idol

TheBarack Obama campaign was certainly bidin’ its time in picking a vice presidential candidate.

Perhaps too much so.

Some cable news pundits suggested the campaign was looking to control the media cycle, not signaling the choice until late Friday so that there would be less opportunity for media vetting, and more momentum un-sullied by criticisms–before the convention begins Monday.

Part of that strategy, if it was a strategy, was almost certainly to make the story play out as long as humanly possible to keep media outlets focused on it rather than something or someone else–like Senator McCain, perhaps.

If so, I think it backfired a bit.

My daughter, whose world is far more circumscribed by Warcraft than by statecraft, noticed how ridiculously long the "who will he choose?" saga was. She likened it to the American Idol-ing of the political process which, in thise case, was not a compliment.

"Governor Kaine, Governor Bayh, Senator Biden, come stand on this side of the stage. We’ll tell you who we have chosen to be  next in line to the president…right after the commercial break."

That show has taken to enumerable feints and delay tactics in an attempt to build the suspense over who is going to be voted off. But for many, the process has become a parody, which is what the Obama campaign’s choice of VP seemed like, or at least the news coverage of it.

I half expected Senator Joe Biden to be holding a Coke can when he and Senator Obama finally appeared together, or perhaps a motorcade made up of Ford Focuses (Foci?).

PS.I hope this is not an indication of Senator Biden’s willingness to be straight with reporters, but there is also a YouTube video of Biden seeming to tell a guy staked out in front of his housethat he is not the VP pick. There is no way to tell when the video was made, but it is clearly Biden saying "I’m not the guy, see yah," as he drives by.