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Univision Blasted For Lefty Bias

Author/politico Leslie Sanchez blasted Univision in today’s Wall Street Journal for what she calls a heavy liberal bias in its political reporting. "I have taken an extensive look at Univision and found that [recent flattering stories about the Democractic candidates] are a tiny fraction of the biased views of American politics regularly presented by the network." [We’d share the link but for what appears to be a glitch on the WSJ site.]

Sanchez says bias is a problem throughout the Spanish-language media in the States, but calls out Univision in particular: "Univision is the largest and most important part of the Spanish-language media, yet it features some of the most unbalanced political news coverage on television and it continues its leftward drift." 

In conclusion, Sanchez urges Republicans not to avoid a Univision debate, but to take part and "speak over the heads of biased reporters and directly to the network’s audience."