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Univision and Telemundo, Take 3: Jorge Ramos, American Voter

It was already 8:16 but Univision special correspondent Lourdes Meluzá was in Phoenix, AZ still urging voters in the West Coast to go out and vote. During a live interview, U.S. Senator Mel Martínez says that what is happening with the Hispanic electorate (which has shown to favor Obama overwhelmingly) is a real “tragedy” for the Republican party, especially because McCain is a “real champion of immigration reform.” 

For the Spanish-language networks this is not only the most analyzed –and polled- Presidential election, but it is also “unprecedented” in terms of the importance of the Hispanic electorate. According to Univision and Telemundo analysts, this year Presidential election will see an unprecedented number of Hispanic voters, with 1 million new voters who registered to vote this year.  

In a lighter note, Univision’s star news anchor Jorge Ramos today was able to vote today for the first time ever. Ramos, 50, arrived in the U.S. 25 years ago but had never gotten around to getting U.S. citizenship. Tonight, though, his longtime co-anchor Maria Elena Salinas informed viewers that Ramos was able to vote today for the very first time.

At 8:36 pm (ET) Ramos projects Pennsylvania has gone to Sen. Obama. This, say Univision analysts, will pretty much anticipate the race will end up early tonight. Pennsylvania is important, as Hispanics in that state favored Barack Obama 3 to 1 versus John McCain, something that is “ironic,” say analysts, given the fact that McCain has been an immigration champion. “McCain will now have to win Florida, Nevada, Indiana… if he really wants to win the presidency,” says pollster and political analyst Sergio Bendixen. Not surprisingly, McCain wins Alabama at 8:46 pm (ET), but Obama is winning overall electoral votes.

At 8:40 pm (ET) neither Univision nor Telemundo are willing / ready to project results for Florida, whose polling stations have already closed.

By Laura Martinez, Freelance Contributor