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TWC Imports Nexstar Signals For Displaced Hearst TV Viewers

It’s a busy week for retrans battles, and Time Warner Cable is working around its blackout with the Hearst TV stations by importing signals from Nexstar stations, reports Adweek. But Nexstar counters that it did not give TWC permission to do so.

Reports Katy Bachman:

“We believe Time Warner on an unauthorized basis in an illegal manner misappropriated our signals from three markets. Nexstar intends to pursue all legal and regulatory remedies to cause Time Warner to cease and desist misappropriating signals,” a Nexstar spokesperson said in a statement.

However, Time Warner sees this as a legal loophole. “We are acting well within our rights, as we have in the past, in trying to help our subscribers through this,” said a TWC spokesperson.

They’re not always signals in sister markets that are being imported. Adweek says TWC is replacing WLKY Louisville with Nexstar’s WROC Rochester, is replacing WLWT Cincinnati with Nexstar’s NBC affiliate in Terre Haute,  and has brought in Nexstar’s NBC affiliate in Wilkes Barre, Penn. in four Hearst TV markets, including Orlando.