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TV Review: The Oscars on ABC

ABC aired the 83rd Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, Feb. 27 at 8:30 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C:

“The telecast surrounding the awards was lackluster all on its own, despite efforts to bring in a younger audience by inviting actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host.” - Linda Holmes, NPR

“[Anne Hathaway and James Franco’s] combination of respect and informality struck the right tone for the night, a happily surprising production that had its share of fine moments both planned and ad-libbed.” - Ken Tucker, Entertainment Weekly

“The Oscars this year was ultimately a classy experience, but compared to other TV ceremonies it really lacked some of the spark.” - Matt Carter, TV Examiner

“At times, the prolonged effort to pander to younger viewers was downright painful. The producers cast the young stars James Franco and Anne Hathaway as hosts, then kept the writing old and hoary - no aren’t-we-hip nudge was left untouched.” - Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

“[Anne Hathaway and James Franco] seemed to be following the directive to ‘first do no harm,’ as if they knew they couldn’t score as big as Jimmy Fallon did with the Emmys but were determined to avoid becoming morning show fodder like Ricky Gervais was after this year’s Golden Globes.” - Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times