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TV Review: NBC's 'Sean Saves the World'

NBC premieres Sean Saves the World, starring Will & Grace’s Sean Hayes, on Thursday at 9/8 c. The following are reviews from TV critics around the web, compiled by B&C.

“It’s hard to imagine what NBC was thinking when it bought Sean Saves the World, a new sitcom it’s tossing into the now-lost cause that is Thursday night.”
–Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“Theoretically, this should be the perfect blend of old comedy pros who know what they’re doing and fun, fresh faces who bring quick wits and/or live-theater experience. Instead, Sean Saves The World is almost completely devoid of laughs, outside of a few moments when [Thomas] Lennon puts over a bit of weirdness via his strange, clipped delivery.”
–Todd VanDerWerff, A.V. Club

“Created by Victor Fresco, the show seeks to show off Hayes’ versatility, including big physical gags and broad comedy. And while one could forgive the pilot for failing to strike a single original note as it sets up the premise, it’s harder to get past the fact that there’s almost nary a funny one.”
–Brian Lowry, Variety

“Nothing about Sean Saves the World is off-putting, but not much about it is welcoming either.”
–Hank Steuver, The Washington Post

“Hayes is a TV star through and through, with an enjoyably distinctive delivery and a gift for physical comedy. But he’s being pushed too hard to carry the show, and he’s pushing too hard in response.”
–Robert Bianco, USA Today