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TV Review: NBC's 'Chase'

NBC’s Chase, a drama about U.S. Marshals, premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 10 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C:

“Though Giddish, Nolasco, Metcalfe and Hauser all have the requisite profile to either topline a show or certainly to be a piece of a small ensemble, but without a writer to give their characters or their individual jobs within the team any specificity, the result is generic on every level.” – Daniel Fienberg, HitFix

“Chase” reminds me of “Trauma,” NBC’s attempt at a Monday drama last year… They both seem to be placeholders in the prime-time schedule until the network can scrounge up something better.” – Mark A. Perigard,Boston Herald

“If at first glance you think Chase is just another action-packed, crime-solving procedural…you’d be absolutely right. But wait, it’s actually got some flair that sets it apart from the CSIs and Law & Orders of the world—and that flair is more like down-home sizzle, courtesy of leading lady Kelli Giddish.” – Megan Masters,E! Online

“This is plotting at its most basic: chase, catch, repeat, without any twists that even merit the term.” – Robert Bianco, USA Today

“[T]his is another pilot that welcomes viewers to check their brains at the door and submerge themselves in an action-adventure plot devoid of pesky character development or depth.” – Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette