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TV Review: Fox's 'The Mob Doctor'

Fox premieres its new drama The Mob Doctor, on Sept. 17 at 9 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

The Mob Doctor is attempting such a delicate operation that no matter how hard we’re rooting for the patient to make it, it’s difficult to come up with a better prognosis than ‘guarded.’”

David Hinckley, New YorkDaily News

“Mostly, it’s a hospital drama — and a rote one at that. The side job stitching up bad guys seems tacked on for no reason, like racing flames on a Prius. Yeah, yeah, it’s different. It’s not just a hospital drama. See, she’s a doctor and she works for the … oh, never mind.”

Tim Goodman,The Hollywood Reporter

The Mob Doctor is whacked out of its gourd, but the cast has the stones to sell this stuff. (Bonus points for atmospheric shooting in Chicago.) No, it’s not exactly House. But it isn’t like any other show, either, with its mad mix of moral dilemmas, medical crises, family ties, double-life-living and, y’know, rubouts ‘n’ stuff.”

Diane Werts,Newsday

The Mob Doctor, a new dramatic series on Fox, defies both the laws of physics and of television itself: Despite being jam-packed with plot twists, character reveals, surprises, a car chase, a couple of dead people and a lot of cell phone calls followed by ‘I have to go,’ it is a constant struggle for a viewer to avoid being bored to tears.”

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle

“The bigger question is whether Berman and Wright’s ambitions are more cable than network (also, if it is too late to change the title). Despite the frantic and at times clunky initial execution, there are times when The Mob Doctor shows signs of transcending the typical doc-with-something-extra medical procedural.”

Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times