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TV Review: Fox's 'Bob's Burgers'

Fox’s new animated comedy Bob’s Burgers premieres Sunday, Jan. 9 at 8:30 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C:

“The premiere is nonetheless diverting, if not immediately impressive, and there are nice rhythms and sharp asides and some other things to be said in its favor: It’s a show about the working class — or perhaps better put, the barely surviving entrepreneurial class — that is actually about work.” – Robert Lloyd, Los Angeles Times

“[T]he voice actors — all well cast — do play off one another nicely. Schaal and Mirman, who’ve collaborated in the past on stage in their day jobs as stand-up comedians, are particularly well suited to their characters, capturing the quirks without sounding as if they were trying too hard to play cartoons.” – Ryan Stewart, The Boston Phoenix

“It remains to be seen whether there’s a vision for “Bob’s Burgers” that can propel it beyond the first episode — Fox made only Sunday’s pilot available — but so far this animated comedy is truly well done.” – Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“What makes me skeptical about Bob’s Burgers isn’t the show itself, but the audience. The show is quirky, dry, and a little edgy at times which limits the series to the established viewers of Animation Domination. Some of the jokes run a bit long which can be a turn off for those new to the Sunday night lineup.” – BJ Clary, WWNY

“The characters are bad, the plot is trite and contrived, and the jokes are racy for the sake of pushing the envelope. When the show has some genuinely funny moments — and to be fair, there are a couple — it’s genuinely surprising. “ – Sam McPherson, TV Overmind