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TV Review: ABC's 'Nashville'

ABC premieres its country music drama Nashville on Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“The supporting cast is uniformly terrific, a series of political and personal dilemmas are depicted with thoughtful nuance, and this show isn’t so much about country music as it is about a desire to communicate, be loved and be heard.”
– Maureen Ryan,The Huffington Post

“For months now, the assumption has been that the title of best new drama of the season is Nashville’s to lose, and if the pilot is any indication, the show is not in a losing state of mind.”
– Mary McNamara,Los Angeles Times

“The story is old as the hills (Queen of the Hill, meet your replacement), but it still works, in this case hitting every chord. The seasoned pro versus the pretty young marketing creation who needs Autotune to hold a note; art versus commerce, country versus pop.”
– Lianne Bonin Starr, Hitfix

Nashville is a nighttime soap, just melodramatic enough to hook you into caring about what happens next and just smart enough to make you think these characters could exist in reality.”
– Matt Zoller Seitz, Vulture

“On Nashville, the characters don’t randomly burst into song or put on a show for the viewers. Instead, the series is shaping up to be an intricate drama about people who work in one of the most cutthroat industries in the world, and the music expertly threaded through the scenes is a bonus.”
– Emily Yahr, The Washington Post