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TV Review: ABC's 'Mistresses'

ABC premieres new soapy drama Mistresses, following a group of four women,on Monday at 10 p.m. ET. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“The new ABC series isn’t good in any way, except in its ability to suck you in with pretty actors and titillating themes. The writing is stock, the acting is hollow, and the direction is perky and workmanlike. It lacks any of the clever stylistic accents and camp humor of the somewhat similar Desperate Housewives, and pity the poor viewer who tries to apply logic to some of the plot twists.”

Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe

“The first two episodes give each character a complication or two, some more complicated than others. To stitch it all together, the writers have a tendency to resort to stock devices that flatten rather than enrich the characters.”

Neil Genzlinger, The New York Times

“[T]he plot of Mistresses is so absurd and at times offensive that by the end of the first episode it’s difficult not to hope for an early demise so these four women can be released to find better shows.”

Mary McNamara, The Los Angeles Times

“The problem with Mistresses may lie with the expectations it has set. If the sex isn’t going to be fun, what is it going to be? It would be good if we found that out soon.”

David Hinckley, New York Daily News