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TV Review: ABC's 'Back In the Game'

ABC debuts Back In the Game, a sitcom about a single mother (Maggie Lawson) who moves in with her estranged father (James Caan), on Wednesday at 8:30/7:30 c. Below are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“The show puts the kind of father-daughter conflict that Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams explored in the movie Trouble With the Curve into a Bad News Bears setting.”
–Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times

“Caan, in high beer-guzzling grizzle, owns the screen whenever he’s on it, which is often. Like that other iconic mess of a baseball coach, Walter Matthau, all Caan has to do is walk across the room and you laugh.”
–Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

Back In the Game’s creators, the brothers Mark and Robb Cullen, have bounced from genre to genre in their television efforts—from the not-bad gambling comedy Lucky to the pretty-bad NBC crime show Heist—and they’re aiming right for the middle of the road here. They’ve nailed it.”
–David Sims, The A.V. Club

“Well, as you can tell, Back In the Game doesn’t really scream long-term storytelling beyond the family dynamic, which is precisely why it’s wedged between The Middle and Modern Family on ABC. It fits there, definitely, because the strands of parenting and quirk intertwine.”
–Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“The outline is fine, but the real pleasure here comes in the flourishes: The clever way she wins the right to form a team; the unexpected twists in some of the jokes and characters; the nice way Dad – who is almost always wrong – proves to be right at two crucial moments. ”
–Robert Bianco, USA Today