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TV Hits The Webbys

The 12th annual Webby Awards were held last night, with TV personalities and other media types out in full force.

Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers (below left) hosted the event, and according to FishbowlNY’s Glynnis MacNicol “did an admirable job of holding the long, packed event together.”

Ok then, with that having been said, man were there a lot of winners!

Despite the long list of people receiving a trophy, presentation length is not really a problem at the Webby Awards. Why? The Webbys are perhaps most famous for their acceptance speeches, limited to five words.

I am honoring the, well, honorees here by reprinting the acceptance speeches from all of the television related winners, and some others that I just liked. Enjoy.

Saturday Night Live’s Lorne Michaels (left), accepting the Webby lifetime achievement award: “Five words is not enough.”

Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Stars Tim & Eric, accepting the best actor award: “Thank you very much. Goodbye.”

The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert, accepting the Webby person of the year award: “Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!”

Frontline/World, accepting the people’s voice award: “Steve, this Webby is for you.”

LonelyGirl15, accepting the best drama award: “Cast, crew, community, family, thanks.”

Chocolate Rain guy, accepting the best viral award: “Contact me for voice work.”

The Onion News Network, accepting the best writing and news and politics awards: “Together, we’ll make reading obsolete,” and “Thank you for this Pulitzer.”

My Damn Channel’s Wainy Days, accepting the long form award: “Well, well, well, well, well.”

Other fun acceptance speeches:

The New York Times: “Eliot Spitzer, we thank you” and “please don’t climb our building.”

Trapeze, which ran a marketing campaign for Ikea beds: “Thanks for sleeping with us.”

(Photo: The Webby Awards)