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Trip Down Memory ‘Lane'

Hard to believe it was two years ago today that Alycia Lane was let go from her contract at KYW Philadelphia, then-GM Michael Colleran referring to “the overall impact of a series of incidents resulting from judgments she has made.”But, with the baseball Hall of Fame dominating the sports pages these days, I’ll borrow a line from beleaguered slugger Mark McGwire: I’m not here to talk about the past.

Two years onwards, both KYW and Lane appear to be in fine fettle. Jon Hitchcock was brought in from LIN’s Hartford duopoly to run KYW last March, and quickly worked to put the incidents involving both Lane and her former co-anchor, Larry Mendte (you’ll recall he was sentenced to house arrest for illegally accessing Lane’s emails), behind KYW. As with other CBS O&Os, KYW is working closer with its considerable radio properties in Philly, and launched some pretty cool “digital newsstands” in November. KYW also gave ABC giant WPVI a pretty good run at 11 p.m. in the November book.

I spoke with Hitchcock for a Philly “Market Eye” that comes out Monday. He said it may have been easier for a newly arrived GM to clean up the mess. “There was some benefit to coming from the outside in, in that I was not attached to it,” he said. “But we’re not focused on the past. We’re focused on the future.”

Same goes for Lane,who turned up at KNBC Los Angeles August 19 as a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter.

My colleague Melissa Grego was asked to go on the air at KNBC last week to talk about the Fox-Time Warner Cable retrans row, and found herself interviewed by none other than Lane. Mel says Lane was well-prepared and perfectly professional–just as one would expect an anchor in the #2 DMA to be.

Nice to see everyone seems to have ended up happy.