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Tribune Unbrands CW Stations

Always one to do things its own way, Tribune Broadcasting has stripped "CW" branding off many of its CW affiliates, reports Variety

Tribune, with CW outlets in many major markets, is "introducing new station identities without the CW moniker and is de-emphasizing the network affiliation on its station websites," reports Michael Schneider. 

"In Houston, Tribune even changed the station’s call letters, from KHCW to KAIH, removing the CW’s name in the process (that station, once known as ‘CW39,’ now just calls itself ‘Channel 39′). In Dallas, what had been known as ‘CW33′ is now being called ‘The 33.’ Tribune’s Washington station, which had referred to itself as ‘CW50,’ is now ‘DC50.’" 

Just what the struggling network needs as its new season gets under way.