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A Toast To the DTV Transition

Could Florida Republican Cliff Stearns be the DTV transition’s answer to Mark Fowler. No, not the next deregulatory FCC chairman, but an inheritor of the may-come-back-to-bite you metaphor mantle.

At a House Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Stearns said that connecting a DTV-to-analog converter box to your TV was easy, kind of like hooking the box up to a toaster.

The comment immediately brought back memories of Fowler’s mid-1980’s characterization of TV as just another appliance, no more speical than a toaster with pictures.

The evocation of Fowler was not lost on Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey, who recalled the Fowler comment , adding that he wasn’t sure who was going to be "toast" if the DTV transition didn’t go well.