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TiVo Predicts ‘American Idol’ Outcome

According to DVR technology company TiVo, Syesha Mercado will be the next contestant voted off on Fox’s hit series American Idol. The company used second by second measurements to see which contestant’s performances viewers rewound to watch again… and which they fast-forwarded through.

According to TiVo, the company was able to accurately predict who would win and who would lose in previous weeks, so for this week’s elimination, the company is putting its money where its mouth is and making those predictions public.

According to the data, Syesha Mercado (left) had the most viewers skip through her performance, while David Archuleta brought in the highest numbers during his turn behind the mic.

Reality show bookies, start your engines.

UPDATE: TiVo got it wrong wrong wrong. Sorry to waste your time.