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Tearing Through Tony

Sarah Jones won a Tony award Sunday night on the "live" awards ceremony broadcast by CBS, time-delayed by a smidge, of course, per the TV world post-Janet Jackson.

I found that confluence a delicious razzberry in the face of the FCC, since CBS is the highest-profile indecency target–Without a Trace and Janet Jackson–and Sarah Jones was the rap singer who the FCC proposed fining until somebody, oh, that's right it was a lawyer, pointed out to them that the song, "Revolution," was actually intended to empower women by exposing the misogynistic lyrics in some rap songs.

Too hip for the Portals, as they say, or should say, anyway.

I like the Tony's, always have, but this was like playing the Minute Waltz in 40 seconds. Everything was rushed, like horses making a break for the barn, or chorus girls making a break for the last train home.

For example, the requisite "in memoriam" clip roll featuring the names and credits of the actors who "have gone on," as they put it, or "died" as we say in the real world, went by so quickly that you didn't have time to look at both the picture of the person and their title, particularly, and ironically, the ones with long titles including multiple awards.

Some of these people gave their lives to the theater, you'd think the Tonyfolk could have given them more than about 1.9 seconds apiece.

One of my favorite moments was when Oprah Winfrey dropped the name of Steven Spielberg on the way to pointing out that he had "asked me to play Sophia in the film The Color Purple. Oprah said "me" as though all the words in the two hours and 37 minutes pervious were simply prelude to that moment. It was priceless. But I must say she looked stunning in her black frock.

By John Eggerton