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TCA: Cuse, Lindelof on the True Mystery of 'Lost'...Eyeliner

“Lost” executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof sat down for a Q&A with eager critics at the Television Critics Association press tour Friday afternoon, after they had watched the first three episodes of season 5. Here are some highlights (Warning: Possible spoilers ahead)

The difficulty and danger of doing a time travel storyline:

Cuse: It is incredibly exciting to do time travel. We really decided to take risks and chances. If we make missteps, that’s ok. [We’d] rather take a risk to continue to try and do exciting storytelling.

Lindelof: I think we’ve become fairly masochistic in our writing. You say fraught with peril like it’s a bad thing…[we say,] let’s do it. That’s what keeps the show exciting. The show has been a time travel show for the past four years…as season 5 unfolds it will be apparent that time travel has been in the DNA of that show.

Claire and Jin:

Cuse: Claire is not a series regular, but you will see her…We will definitely be seeing Jin stories.

Season of Sawyer:

Cuse: Sawyer has a lot to do this year. We made sure that for people who may not be huge fans of time travel, Sawyer had his shirt off for the first episode.

Lindelof: He constantly bemoans time travel, Last year because the Oceanic 6, the storytelling had a lot of focus on Kate, Jack, Aaron, Hurley and Sayid. And Sawyer, as a result of not getting off the island, did not have much time…[we’re] making up for lost time now. We really feel he has done an amazing job this year.

The four-toed statue:
Cuse: This season will give greater sense of island’s history. [The statue] was meant to show that the history of island was a long one. People have been on island for a long time. We’ll learn about what has happened on the island in the past.

End date:

Lindelof: We got to the point at season 3…the show reached a point where it was trending to an area of complete and utter suckiness. We had to make a decision: Are we gonna have an end date?

Nestor Carbonell’s (Richard Alpert) Eyes:

Lindelof: When we first saw dailies of Nestor, we said, “We gotta talk to him about the eyeliner situation.” [But] he is completely sans makeup. Just watch him on a smaller screen, I guess

Cuse: The true mystery of “Lost” is: “Is Nester wearing makeup?” I guess.