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TCA-A Bravo Multiplatform Questionnaire

Apparently, Bravo wants to know if the critics care at all about the digital platforms advertisers are so smitten with. Hidden in the heap of folders stuffed with releases for NBC Universal cable networks USA, Sci Fi and Bravo is a sheet of paper asking critics four questions:

1. Are you currently or do you plan to write about content offered on broadband channels? If no, why not? (yes, no)

2. If you answered "yes" for question #1, how often? (regular column or occasionally)?

3. If offered a choice, would you prefer to watch our press screening tapes online or on DVD? (online, DVD, no preference)

4. If the option were only offered online, would it make you more or less likely to watch the press screener? (more, less, indifferent, would not watch)

By Anne Becker