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The tale of the tape

When Jenna Bush’s Secret Service detail locked themselves out of their heavily fortified SUV after the first daughter’s appearance on Wednesday’s Early Show, CBS News made hay of the G-men’s bungling by featuring them on the show.

Hannah Storm and Harry Smith joked that the federal government should at least spring for On-Star while footage of the agents rolled. (The clip is on and YouTube.) 

The Secret Service wasn’t laughing.

The agents asked CBS videographers to stop filming, said Early Show executive producer Shelley Ross.

CBS declined to the comply with their request.

“We were on a public street,” said Ross.

Then they demanded the tape.

“We said that’s not our policy,” added Ross.

A call to the control room was placed. Ross assured the Secret Service that tape of the agent’s ineptitude was not rolling live thus not overtly jeopardizing national security.

“I said, ‘I’m not going to run anything until she is safely away.’ I don’t want to go live that the first daughter is on a corner locked out of her car. I wouldn’t do that.”

Apparently stymied by the Constitutional guarantees afforded the fourth estate, the agents’ ceased their attempts at intimidation. Shortly thereafter help arrived to let them into their car. Bush was long gone in another car.

Added Ross: “I do think that the Secret Service agents guarding the first family need to be a little more cautious. And someone needs a stern talking to.”