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Taking Their Shots At Cable

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin got some help in his push for unbundled programming from conservative talk radio host and commentator Laura Ingraham and Bill O’Reilly on Friday.

The two were complaining about Tila Tequila’s Shot at Love reality series on MTV, where men and women are competing against each other."With our help,"says MTV, the cyber hottie and self-described "bisexual freak" is "inviting 16 luscious lesbians and 16 sexy straight guys over to her place for A Shot of Love."

On O’Feilly’s Factor, Ingraham was calling MTV a sewer, or words to that effect, and encouraging the audience to contact the FCC and encourage it to unbundle cable programming so viewers would not have to be exposed to Tila.

O’Reilly agreed that he was getting a lot of channels he didn’t want, then got in a plug for DirecTV.

It was the end of a long week for cable in which it dodged the bullet of what could have been a major reregulatory finding by the FCC, only to see a majority reportedly vote to impose a 30% subscribership cap on cable.

The decision didn’t come as a surprise, but the timing of it was.