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Surprise Boot

Talk around the water coolers Thursday morning was the surprise boot of Stephanie Edwards from American Idol.

Edwards may have been too close to a clone of Fantasia to have made it to the winner's circle, but she had the pipes and the stage presence to make it farther than she did.

"How many hours can India vote?" was one question being asked, a reference to buzz that Sanjaya Malakar may be getting some extra staying power from mass dialing by Indian teeny-boppers, though he could be getting them from American teeny-boppers if that weeping fan is any indication.

Even if he is getting an international boost, that just shows how far the phenomenon has spread.

Another question. Do they cut off voting by zip code after two hours or until two hours after the voting ends in California?

A good question. Anybody have the answer?

By John Eggerton