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Super Bowl Stats for Media Wonks

Looking to impress your friends in the media with your knowledge of Super Bowl trivia? We’ve gathered together some stats on last year’s game performance on Fox. No, we’re not talking about football, we’re talking about marketing scores. We’ll be watching NBC and blogging on Sunday - feel free to log on and share your comments about the creative genius or absolute lunacy of the commercials. And make sure you pick-up those 3D glasses at the store. Until then NBC sales staff will be working the phones all weekend trying to unload the last two spots of the game.

The highest rated commercial minute on Fox’s broadcast of the big game last year?

The Victoria Secret spot that aired at 9.44p.m. The ad was seen by 103.7 million viewers.

Last year’s audience?

An average of 97.5 million people watched New York Giants beat the New England Patriots.

Total ad spending on the game?

$195 million

Commercial which gathered most internet buzz?

“Magnetic” Pepsi spot featuring Justin Timberlake as he’s blown about the neighborhood every time someone sips the drink.

Most recalled ad?

Fedex carrier pigeon spot

Biggest categories of advertisers?

Autos, movies and beer.

Top 5 local market average household rating?

Boston: 55.6%

Indianapolis: 54.1%

Jacksonville: 52%

Pittsburgh: 50.8%

Ft. Myers-Naples: 50.7%

Who watched in HD?

41% of viewers

Does the half time show sell anything?

Absolutely; music sales rocket after an appearance. Just ask Ms. Jackson.

Sales of Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Greatest Hits” album jumped 196% after the game.

Source: Nielsen Media Company