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Super Bowl-Bound Brees Wowed on ‘Sport Science’

By now most NFL fans are aware of the pigskin power of Super Bowl-bound New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, but not many have seen his incredible accuracy up close like John Brenkus and his staff over at BASE Production’s Sport Science, as I wrote in my Fifth Estater on Brenkus for B&C’s Jan. 18 edition:

A 2009 episode explored the mechanics behind throwing a perfect spiral. The Sport Science team set out to find out if an NFL quarterback is more accurate zeroing in on a target than an Olympic archer. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees solved the riddle by hitting a bull’s-eye from 20 yards away-on 10 straight attempts.


After watching this video it’s easy to see how Brees set an NFL record this year for completion percentage (70.62%). But on Feb. 7 he’ll be trying to make throws like that in the cauldron of the Super Bowl with 270-pound defensive ends barreling down on him. Brenkus and his crew likely weren’t quite as intimidating.