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Stars Shine Bright, Fox Shows Synergistic Might

Boy, was Fox cross-pollinating like a bee on speed during its MLB All-Star telecast last night. First, we had American Idol4 winner Carrie Underwood singing the national anthem. And, as Fox was easing into a commercial during the pre-game, they played the song “C’mon C’mon” by the Von Bondies—best known as the theme song from Rescue Me, airing on sister network FX later that night. Was Fox reminding the viewer to set the DVR for Leary and the gang at 10 p.m., or, if they were among the estimated 86% of Americans who don’t have a DVR, to actually switch away from the baseball broadcast in the 6th inning of the All-Star game?

A little later, when Mets star David Wright hit a home run for the Nationals, Fox ran a taped bit with Wright sharing some personal info, including his favorite show, which happened to be Fox hit 24. After Wright gushed something about Jack Bauer always getting the bad guy, he held up the 24 DVD.

It got to the point where, as Roberto Clemente’s widow Vera accepted an honor on behalf of her husband, I half expected someone to bestow some Family Guy DVDs on her.

By Michael Malone