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The Staff Of ‘The Tonight Show’ Ask “What Was Your Favorite Moment?”

Conan O’Brien has only been host of The Tonight Show for seven months, but with a possible deal looming to send him packing, his staff is already gearing up for the end.

A post on the show’s official blog asks fans to choose their favorite moment from the show under Conan’s watch. The winning clip may be featured on tonight’s new show.

“We’ve got a new show tonight, and we’ll be showing a “classic” Tonight Show clip - “Classic” being a bit of a misnomer, of course, because we’ve only been on the air for 7 months. Ha ha ha. Oh god.

Regardless of our short time on the air, I think there have already been a ton of hilarious moments… And I know that you do, too! Let’s have a little vote on what your favorite Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien moment has been so far!”

Among the choices are Conan’s battle with Newark, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker, the cold open to his first show featuring him running across the country and the surprise appearance by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (below).

Whether Conan leaves or stays, it is clear that his show has had more than its share of funny moments. Just as Jay Leno took 18 months to top the ratings heap, and how it took Conan years to find his voice at Late Night, I think it would be nice to give him the opportunity to show what he can do at 11:35.

While the future is still unclear, the tone of the blog underscores how the staffers, many of whom followed Conan from New York, feel.

“As always, thank you for watching. It’s not just us making a show for you, it’s all of us having a great time together… And here’s hoping that these great times can last just a little bit longer. See you tomorrow, hopefully!”