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‘SNL’ and ‘RNC’: And Never The ‘Twain Shall Tweet?

From: My Twitter feed, Sept. 3rd, 10:30 PM: It’s like they’re cheering for Bizarro Tina Fey.

From: My Twitter feed, Sept. 13th, 11:33 PM: Did I call it? Bizarro Tina Fey!

I knew as soon as VP candidate Sarah Palin walked out onto the RNC stage to make her speech that she was ripe for an SNL parody. And parody they did, in the cold open to their season premiere this weekend, recalling Tina Fey from her 30 Rock ivory tower to do the honors.  

My two favorite lines from the sketch were: “And I can see Russia from my house!”, which stopped the actresses in their tracks until the audience laughter had subsided, and Amy Poehler’s Hillary dismissing Fey’s Palin and her “Tina Fey glasses.”

SNL has a history of parodying political figures from both ends of the spectrum, and in truth, neither women came off smelling anything nearly like a rose. 

Now I just need to get me some Tina Fey glasses for Halloween.