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Slate's Dickerson jumps to CBS News

There is hope for us ink-stained wretches. And that hope tells us to seek our fortunes on TV, or at the very least, on the Web.

John Dickerson, chief political correspondent for Slate and formerly Time Magazine’s White House correspondent, is doing just that, joining CBS News as a political analyst and contributor. He’s already been filling in for Bob Schieffer as anchor of Washington Unplugged, one of CBS News’ Web programs.

You can see Dickerson on Washington Unplugged here.

I’m always interested to see print journos with solid cred make the move to broadcast. I’ve done a bit of broadcast work and I always found it to be true that I only had a chance to discuss about 10 percent of what I knew on any given subject. (So that’s like 10% of 1% of the available knowledge on any topic.) On one hand, I think broadcast news can always use more people like Dickerson, who really know how to report and write a story. On the other hand, I wonder if such folks aren’t underused at a broadcast news division. Shouldn’t someone with Dickerson’s talent remain where we can see all of it at work? But perhaps I should not be so cynical about broadcast news’ real capability – after all, that is the title of my favorite movie.

Dickerson’s path to CBS News wasn’t typical. He spent 12 years covering politics for Time, before jumping to Web-only Slate. While at Time, Dickerson was known for posing simple but deceptive questions that often “knocked Bush off his script,” according to the Washington Post via That style came to be known as “Dickersonian.” I wonder if that style would work with Obama.

Besides Slate, Dickerson also has written for the New York Times, Washington Post and Men’s Vogue. He appears regularly on PBS’ Washington Week in Review, and he’s also shown up on The Today Show,NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, ABC World News Tonight, CBS’ Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC’s Good Morning America,ABC’s This Week, PBS’ News Hour, ABC’s Nightline, CNN’s Larry King Live and the BBC.

In related broadcast/digital news, Ed O’Keefe has been named senior producer of innovation and special projects at ABC News Digital. O’Keefe has been with ABC since 2000, and most recently worked as senior political editor of’s election coverage.

In his new position, O’Keefe will “work to integrate Web and television, innovating creative products and technologies to build the prominence and reach of,” according to the press release

If O’Keefe figures out how to innovate the integration of the Web and television I hope he’ll give me a call and let me know.By the way, the press release notes that O’Keefe and his wife have a Bernese Mountain dog and that is the cutest type of dog in the world, in my opinion. Sorry Bo.