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Shopping, Gulf Coast and Oxygen

This is SO the perfect job, in my book. Getting PAID to shop and PAID to work at a cable net. It’s what KAREN FONNER is doing at QVC. She just got named Vice President of Strategic Merchandising Initiatives and it means she gets to find cool new stuff for people to shop for! It’s tied in with programming to boot. She’s been with the shopping net for 20 years, and don’t you know she’s got the coolest stuff at home! Congrats, Karen!

Some people are so lucky – getting to continually live by the Gulf Coast. Such a lucky one is Houston FOX’S KRISTI POWERS, the new meteorologist for KRIV’s “Fox 26 Morning News”. She’ll be taking I-10 over from Orlando’s FOX affiliate. She’s also worked at WCJB, ABC affil in Gainesville, FL. No wonder she has such blonde hair! Great to hear, Kristi.

Kudos to JULIE ROTHMAN, who’s going to Oxygen as Vice President of Communications. Yep, in New York City. She’s been VP of East Coast Entertainment Publicity at NBC as well as worked at CNBC, Lifetime television, Fox Broadcasting Company, VH1 and Nickelodeon. Cool!

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