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Saving Grace: TNT

"The show’s blessings, however, are more earthy - beginning with Hunter, who oozes anger, sexuality and irreverence, sometimes all at once. San Giacomo is perfectly cast as her friend and sounding board, and Johnson, Rippy and Woodbine all deliver solid support, with the jailhouse sequences among the show’s best."(Variety)"Writer/creator Nancy Miller ("Any Day Now") imbues the show with touches both subtle and a little overwrought but the divine "Grace" still offers stronger characters and better stories than many other summer series."(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)"All told, this series is pleasantly unexpected, taking chances on TNT when it seemed the channel’s DNA wouldn’t permit that level of risk. If the writing continues to hold up, viewers could be in for a better ride than the one Hunter is already taking them on by herself."(San Francisco Chronicle)"Self-consciously edgy while flirting with cosmic schmaltz, Saving Grace is overdone, but not run-of-the-mill."(TV Guide)"[Hunter] captures well the worn-to-the-bone, irritable and slightly skanky buzz of a person living on too little sleep and too many medicinally applied Cokes, while infusing her character with a gentle heart and a sudden, dazzling smile. But much of the rest of the show is tediously familiar."(Los Angeles Times)"Hunter is so good that she may save this erratic show."(Orlando Sentinel)"The pieces shouldn’t fit together–Earl’s celestial presence with Grace’s raging sex life, discussions of metaphysics with police procedural plots–but somehow they do."(Newark Star-Ledger)"The ensemble company, including the always-wonderful Laura San Giacomo, who plays her friend, never misses a beat. Too bad this series–which tries too hard–misses a stanza or two."(New York Post)"The real sin here is the way the show wastes Hunter, a terrific actress with a proven ability to make tough women compelling."(USA Today)"We’re left with a heap of hocus-pocus that will offend some viewers and seem pretentious or silly to others."(Wall Street Journal)

Compiled by Bryon Rudd