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Save the Ad Time

Either it's a new thing or I have just missed it, but NBC seems to be doing some semi-subliminal advertising.

I was watching a promo for Deal or No Deal and at the very end, as they were showing a young blonde girl, a voice whispered: "Save the Cheerleader."

Heroes is on after Deal or No Deal, so that was a cost-effective promo taking up only a second or so of valuable prime time ad time. "Promo for what?" a handful of you may be saying.

I am not the target demo, nor have I been hooked as have others, but even I, in my TiVO-deprived dottage, know that that is the annoyingly prevalent catch-phrase plug for the manga-based NBC hit, Heroes, where the cheerleader who kept trying to demonstrate her invulnerability in the beginning of the show, has become the key to something and must not be as invulnerable as she or I thought if she is now in need of saving.

That show lost me at the episode with that woman's body pinioned to the staircase with cutlery and the sawed-off skulls a la Hannibal Lecter or those poor monkeys in that cult movie (was it Mondo Cane?). "Too much blood. Too much blood." come on, everybody shout it with me. "Too much Blood."

By the way and apropos of nothing, I like those Ellen Degeneres credit card ads with the animals. She really has an engagingly goofy deadpan that tickles my sometimes fairly well hidden funnybone.

By John Eggerton