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Safe Home

I will be on vacation the week after Thanksgiving–I know, you'll miss me–but I am tempted to come in on my vacation to get a free lunch–oops, I mean attend an important news conference–at the National Press Club.

Hallmark is unveiling its campaign, in concert with the U.S. military and in cooperation with several organizations, to send holiday cards to our soldiers stationed oversees.

Iraq sometimes seems to give new meaning to the phrase, "in harm's way," which is why I think that Hallmark is doing a really neat thing.

Yes, I know, it is also a plug for the Hallmark Channel Movie, The Christmas Card, starring Ed Asner–taking a break from running the GE-like monolith on Studio 60–and telling the story of a soldier in Afghanistan whose spirits are lifted by the receipt of an anonymous card. So what? Plug away.

The disclaimer is that I weep at Hallmark card commercials, though nothing like the Niagra Falls that thunder from my better half. The old professor, who's packing up after a career of Mr. Chipping away at young minds, whose prize student suddenly appears with a thank you card. Grab the Kleenex-brand facial tissues. Stop me if you've heard this before. Never mind, you can't stop me.

Or, the one with the tentative fiance at her in-law's Christmas dinner, where the ice is broken, make that shattered–by a welcome-to-the-family card.

Anyway. For sentiment that hits home, you can't beat Hallmark, and for my money, the company couldn't find a group more deserving of a "thank you" card for the holiday from all of us, or even better, a holiday back home real soon.

By John Eggerton