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Sadusky: Take a Closer Look at LIN

LIN president/CEO Vincent Sadusky said he was making the Wall Street rounds recently, reminding investors not to lump broadcasting in with "old media." He also stressed that LIN’s bread-and-butter business is better aligned with the likes of Web video than other media outlets, such as newspapers. "Our core business continues to increase, even without political figured in," he said. "But beyond our core business, we’re really investing in our interactive properties–a half billion page views [groupwide} is valuable currency for advertisers." 

Sadusky was also bullish on retransmission consent, making the case that local television does a lot more good for the community than a national cable network, and therefore deserves fees from cable operators. He said several agreements with unnamed cable companies had been ironed out, and the broadcaster would "fight the good fight" when cable failed to cough it up. 

"It’s a very good new revenue source," he said, "but we see it as helping us continue to offer more to the local community."