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Route 66

Anybody know the idea for Route 66 was hatched by a Tulsa businessman? True. And that Route 66 through St. Louis is home to one of the most iconic drive-in’s named Ted Drewes that serves frozen custard? What do the two have in common, you ask? Keep reading.

Out Tulsa way comes word that JUSTIN WILFON is the new co-anchor for KJRH’s 2NEWS Today and 2NEWS Midday. Yep, he’ll be setting his alarm early so he can shine when the red lights go on at 5am. Justin grew up very near St. Louis and no doubt took today’s Route 66 out to Tulsa. After graduating from Southern Illinois U and working in Washington and Kentucky, Justin took an anchor job in Tulsa at competitor KOKI. Justin’s sense of humor is golden. You should ask him about his early career moves as a contestant on Nickelodeon show. In addition to an A+ sense of humor, he’s also a St. Louis Cardinals fan. What a great hire, KJRH. Justin…tear ‘em up!

Bravo to TREZ THOMAS who is Bravo Media’s new VP Brand Strategy and Creative Director, replacing JANE OLSON. He makes the transition from being CD and Cofounder of Air Force One. Not the plane – the indie creative company. Yeah, they handle all kinds of broadcast clients. Trez has also put in creative time at ESPN and The Deuce (ESPN2).

When you want to know, go to the experts. Must have been CNN’s thought when they hired former White House chief anti-terrorism and homeland security adviser FRANCES FRAGOS TOWNSEND to provide analysis and insight into security issues. She’s going to be the go-to lady when stories come up that deal with ‘how safe are we?’ Her background is so incredible, there’s no room for it all. Let’s just say she’s taught at Harvard Law among her other noteworthy accomplishments.

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