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Rocking & Rolling On Capitol Hill

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin may have found himself in some time of trouble at the FCC's oversight hearing Wednesday, but there was also room for Hill humor.

Noting that it had been three years since the commissioners had appeared before the committee–at the Janet Jackson hearings–and four years since an oversight hearing, Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey noted that, though The Beatles could not be reunited, they had succeeded in doing so with the commission (no reference to fools on the hill, however, which I thought was sporting of them given the tough tenor of some of the questioning).

FCC Commissioner Michael Copps said another way the FCC could be reunited would be to change the sunshine rules to allow more than two commissioners to meet and talk outside of monthly public meetings, then, when pushed to finishe his opening statement, asked that the balance be put into the record.

"Let it Be," said Markey, obviously pleased with himself, and rightly so.

There was one more Beatles reference, but it came late in the hearing after that train had left the station. One Rep., whose name escapes me, commented that the white spaces issue–don't make me explain it–whas the most important thing since the White Album.

By John Eggerton