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Return of the ‘King’

After its long hibernation, it was really good to see the season premiere of King Of Queens last night, much like how it’s good to see your old roommate at your door with a six-pack in hand…or, better yet, a twelve-pack, as CBS offered two episodes last night.

It’s interesting how King, in its ninth and presumably final season, has refused to evolve over the years. Carrie and Doug still live in a non-descript brick house in the outer boroughs, Doug still works for the fake UPS and hangs with Deacon, Arthur still rants like a madman, and Spence and Danny are still bickering. But neither has it jumped the shark; despite Carrie pretending to be a mother to help round out a perfect family and sell a house last night, they never had a baby, and never adopted the precocious blond kid that defined wheezing sitcoms in the ‘80s.

(I did, however, notice that Jerry Stiller was in neither episode last night, though a CBS spokesperson says Arthur is still very much a part of the show.)

While conventional sitcoms have been taking a beating for some time, King isn’t ashamed of its conventionality, though it always puts a clever (and usually somewhat dark) twist on the punchline to keep things unconventional.

As they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. King is still as funny as anything else on TV, and it was good to see it back.

By Michael Malone