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A Real Stand-Up Guy

Fox News Chairman/CEO Roger Ailes, who was in Washington to receive a First Amendment Leadership Award from the Radio-Television News Directors Foundation at a dinner Thursday night, was described as a stand-up guy by staffers in a tape extolling his virtues as a boss and journalist.

He obliged by doing some stand-up along with a serious message about defending the freedoms of speech and religion.

Just add the sound of a drum and cymbal riff at the end of each, along the lines of "badda bum-bum, pish!

On watching Larry King: "I like to keep up with what's happening to Lana Turner."

On Climate change: "I think we should go very slow on this global warming thing. I realize saving energy is good, but I think it may be a trick to get our anchors to stop using blow dryers."

On French fighting prowess: "A man in France was arrested today for using his car to run down a pedestrian. He said he thought it was Osama Bin Laden. OK, it was a mistake, but it still ranks as France's biggest miltary victory ever."

On Britney: "It is true that I said Britney Spears looked great at the Academy Awards. I later found out it was Jack Nicholson."

On Hillary Clinton: "It is true that just in the last week Senator Hilary Clinton has gotten over 200 phone calls telling her that in order to win the presidency she must be on the road for the next two years. It is not true they were all from Bill. "

On Barack Obama: "It is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't if it's true that President Bush has called Musharraf and said 'why can't we catch this guy.'"

Ailes was playing to a crowd that mixed Washington policymakers and journalists, including John Roberts, Sam Donaldson, Bob Schieffer, George Stephanopoulos, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, Senator Ted Kennedy, Reps. Ed Markey and John Dingell, and the veritable host of others.

By John Eggerton