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Ray Reigns For Now

OK, she had Oprah to help boost her ratings on day two, and Oprah's company backing her show the rest of the time, but Rachael Ray is, so far, something of a breakout hit in syndication.

She debuted Monday with the best numbers for a talk show debut since Dr. Phil–another Oprah propoerty–in 2002.

Then she did even better her second day thanks to a visit from Oprah.

All this is by way of pointing out that I was actually right when I predicted she would do well, at least I am right two days into a long season.

I must admit I am not a big fan of shows about shoes and freezing pesto with lots of clapping and enthusiasm, but that just means I am not the talk audience.

Megan Mullally has not fared nearly as well in her talk start, but the season is still young. When your show is not strong out of the box, you point out that it is early and viewership could build, then figure out a way to build it.

If you are Ray, you figure out what you are doing right and keep on doing it.

By John Eggerton