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Random Acts of Thinking

OK, before I get back in to the indecency issue, I will provide this buffer.

Can somebody pull the plug on that "Head On" commercial on CNN. "Head On. Apply Directly to the Forehead<" the impatient voice shouts. Then again. Then again, exactly the same thing. Three times, delivered like Garrett Morris delivering news for the hard of hearing.

It's so annoying I have not paid enough attention to know what the ad is for. It is probably a remedy for headaches that the company is trying to induce with its ads, like the car window replacement company that paid kids to throw rocks through people's car windows.

Where is standards and practices when you need them.

OK, back to indecency.

"Over the past decade, erotic entertainment has become more accessible to the public and the erotic industry has become the subject of mainstream network [Edior's note: think CSI] and cable shows." Oh, great, just what the anti-indecency crowd wants to hear.

That observation was provided by the organizers of the tenth (where was I for the other nine) Annual Erotica LA exhibition (and I do mean exhibition) June 23-25.

Hosted by porn star turned legit broadcast actress (sort of) Jenna Jameson, the show features "new products and concepts in the world of erotic entertainment."

Among the exhibitionists–oops, sorry–exhibitors are marketers of kinky media and merchandise, with seminars and workshops aplenty from the Pleasure Chest Learning Center.

Tenth annual. Sounds like contemporary community standards for at least part of the nation's second largest market.

And that is the joke of the FCC's attempt to determine what community standards are in deciding what not to let broadcasters air. A reasonable-person standard can range from a reasonable Morman to a reasonable L.A. clubber.

By John Eggerton