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Random Acts of Thinking

Big, punishing long-haired, insouciant, fullback named Riggins. No, not that one. this is Tim Riggins of NBC high school football drama Friday Night Lights.

Still, I can't imagine the writers or producers aren't paying homage to the New York Jets and Washington Redskins former big, punishing long-haired, insouciant, fullback John Riggins.

And while we're on the subject (How's the old wazoo? Sorry, Firesign Theater moment), I see what they were talking about in the game sequence when the Panthers seem to be everywhere on the field at once, driving down inside the 20, then snapping the next play closer to midfield, then the drop-back by the quarterback appearing to be to his own 15 or 20. No wonder the team was having so much trouble scoring on the field, and, sadly, in the ratings if the first episode is any indication.

Days of our Lives Department: I noticed that NBC now has a Sunday Night Football, a Saturday Night Live, and a Friday Night Lights. I think they should rename ER to Thursday Night Docs (Then there is Studio 60, a show that airs on Sunday night about a show that airs on Friday night, based on a show that airs on Saturday night.)……..

Are my aging eyes deceiving me, or is David Kelly employing a new editing technique on Boston Legal. I don't have a digital se,t so I know its not that pixilation thing going on. 

The show seems to be employing a new kind of cut where, instead of cutting to another angle or shot, it is a quick cut to the exact same scene of somebody talking, only either slightly reframed or of a slightly different lighting value.

It was a little jarring for me, but that may be because I was not used to it.

After all, Steven Bochco's techniques took some getting used to before becoming the gold standard in verite. And thanks to Bochco's pioneering work on Hill Street Blues, the folks behind the camera and in the editing room get to stretch their creativity a lot more than before, which is a good thing………

I have yet to see the remastered Star Trek series–it is on Sunday afternoons in my market and those have so far been spoken for. But my brother, a Trek fan, though neither a "Trekker" or a "Trekkie," has the first season on DVD, so he is a good one to provide some input on the changes.

Paramount, as you may or may not recall, is digitally enhancing the original series for a new voyage in broadcast syndication, including beefing up the graphics on the extraterrestrial life, the universe, and everything graphic–phasers, fights, ships.

He gives it a thumbs up, saying that if anything the remake errs on the side of caution, a point mad by the people doing the enhancing, though he swears some of the makeup has been digitally enhanced on Spock in some close-ups, something that, if true, went unbilled in the run-up to the digital redo (which sounds vaguely Australian).

But I digress.

By John Eggerton