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Random Acts of Thinking

I was watching Friday Night Lights last night when I heard a line, or something very close to it, that gave me pause.

In referencing the absence of a self-absorbed player, the comment was made that he was probably off "jerking around in front of a full-length mirror." Hmmm. I wonder if that line was always "jerking around," or was it modified, either by the writer or later on, to make sure it didn't offend the folks in Washington.

Just a thought.

Just another thought. I was watching Boston Legal after the Cardinals went up 2 zip and started thinking about new quirky lawyer Jeffrey Coho. The first time I heard the name I was reminded of a season one episode in which a case involved the controversy over salmon farming and declines in Pacific and Atlantic salmon.

There was much interesting information about lice infestations in the episode which I have since forgotten, but at the time it seemed a departure from the usual case and excited the salmon-protecting crowd by its prime time prominence.

Since David Kelly and crew frequently work their political passions into the show, I wondered if that were an issue with them, then let it pass swiftly like salmon slipping downstream.

Now, with a new character named Coho, I wonder if that name is an homage to the, hmm, let me reach into my storehouse of knowledge and come up with the fact that the Coho, or Oncorhynchus kisutch, is the fourth most abundant salmon species, a culturally and economically important resource by the way, and an important subsistence fish. It is, as I recall, commercially fished from Northern California north to Norton Sound in Alaska, though if memory and serves me correctly, 75% of the total catch comes from Alaska.

Now, if a lawyer joins from the prestigious firm of Chinook, Sockeye & Silver, there will definitely be something going on here.

By John Eggerton