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Quake Coverage Overkill

I’ve never been happier to see Martha Stewart’s syndicated daytime show.

Congratulations to KNBC in Los Angeles for being the first of the major local affiliates to leave live earthquake coverage at around 2:45 Pacific time Tuesday afternoon, joining Martha in progress.

Thankfully it seems the 5.4 quake left little damage behind in the grand scheme of things, and it had grown borderline comical watching the local newsies trying to find something – anything – to cover during the live coverage.

The breaking news footage of a few bikes overturned in a store on one channel was battling the 437th interview with someone saying they felt the room shake but that nothing was damaged on another channel.

Thankfully, the coverage was complete overkill because most of us here in the Los Angeles area came through the quake relatively unscathed at press time. 

By Ben Grossman