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'Pushing Daisies': Stop Me, I’m Gushing

I am absolutely horrified by the fact that I didn’t start watching Pushing Daisies until this week. How could I have missed this for so many weeks?

The show is whimsical and lovely and has wonderful acting and the colors are absolutely saturated, so much so that I truly miss the HD for the first time since I moved and left that TV–and that awesome roommate who happened to own that TV–behind in July. 

The show has a sort of fantastical sense to it that makes it seem like someone figured out how to move a really good play right into my TV. It doesn’t hurt that perception to know that Kristin Chenowith and Swoosie Kurtz and Ellen Greene have all won or been nominated for Tony awards. And while I was unfamiliar with her until last night, it didn’t surprise me to find out (thanks, Google!) that Anna Friel has won a Drama Desk award.

Basically, I’m just saying that this show has some fantastic stage actresses and I’m a sucker for that. (I was pretty excited to watch Audra MacDonald in Private Practice, truth be told. I’ll report back on whether that show’s another one I’ll be kicking myself for waiting so long to watch.)

Back to Daisies–the costumes, and the hair, specifically for the female leads, are perfect, the scenery is lush and straight from a fairy tale. The narrator reminds me of every Christmas-season commercial I’ve ever seen, which in my world is a good thing.

And to top it off, after catching me with Wednesday’s opening scene, and keeping me absolutely enthralled–not an easy feat, right in the middle of the episode–there was a short duet between Chenowith and Greene to They Might Be Giants’ “Make a Little Birdhouse in Your Soul.” Which was from their album Flood. Which one of my high school friends dropped next to her car the night before a storm, and when she found it in a puddle the next day, couldn’t help saying, “My Flood was in a flood!”, which cracked me up so much that I still remember it, 13 years later.

So, Rachel Knopf from high school, there’s your shout-out. And I bet you’d love this show, too.