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PTC Praises ABC's Clean Coverage of NBA Finals

The Parents Television Council had a word or two for ABC Friday, and they were all good.PTC complaints about profanity on-air have been a vuvuzela-like undertone to the increasingly colorful, though mostly bleeped, TV vernacular. But PTC came not to bury ABC in complaints, but to praise it.

“The most exhausted person after last night’s Game Seven of the NBA finals probably wasn’t a member of the Lakers or Celtics - it was the person who had control over the bleep button,” said PTC president Tim Winter. “We are grateful for ABC’s commitment to airing a championship broadcast that children and families could enjoy without being assaulted by inappropriate and profane language.”

Winter said PTC had detected a few un-bleeped profanities in the first game of the series, which wrapped with a Lakers seventh-game victory Thursday night, but that ABC had done well afterward.

He called on other broadcasters to be as quick and effective on the button.