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Primetime News

When TV-news comedy Back to You debuts in fall, expect co-anchors Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton to take a few pokes at the state of the news today. Creator Steve Levitan, who comes from a local news background in the Midwest, says he’s "very disturbed" by what he calls the "Anna Nicole Smith/Paris Hilton mentality" that often dominates newscasts. "It’s something we’ll probably look at on the show," he says. 

Levitan doesn’t chastise the entire business: He’s a fan of Bob Schieffer and Brian Williams, as well as Hardball and Keith Olbermann–until he stopped getting MSNBC through his XM service. 

Levitan toiled at the likes of Wings and Frasier before creating programs such as Just Shoot MeStacked and Fox’s Back to You